Your Guide To
Family Camping And Hiking

It's time to get your family camping and hiking.

Our family has been camping and hiking since we were all crawling. 

Now we're sharing those experiences with our young family and sharing our expert knowledge and experience with you.We'll be happy to answer your questions and share our wealth experience with everything and anything camping and hiking related. We go car camping, wilderness camping, backpacking, day hiking and these days are strapping our newest hiker to our backs and taking along our St. Bernard with us.  Camping with kids, backpacking as a couple and loving the outdoors the way nature intended.

It's that time of year again! The weather is warming up, the summer of 2016 is nearly upon us and the lakes, wilderness, mountains and campgrounds are calling. Look at the camping and hiking gear you have stored away and take some of our experienced advice on what you may still need or want to add to your family camping collection!

Fishing spot at Birkenhead Lake

Doesn't this picture make you want to jump in? I took this photo at a fabulous campsite in Northern British Columbia and our whole family jumped in many times.  Incredibly refreshing!

Breathe in the freshest air and feel the peace that only being in nature can bring to you and the people you love.
Head up a mountain, swim in a lake, camp under the stars and make up your own fun and excitement.

If you've never camped or hiked and are a bit hesitant to get out there take a look at the experience we offer and find out why getting out into the wild and leaving the city life behind is a very nuturing for the soul.  

Are you a regular camper and hiker? Never done it but want to? How do you take your kids camping with you?

We are your guide to great family camping and hiking experiences. We can get you going in the right direction with tips for everything you need from first aid, day hiking tips and backpacking supply checklists.

Not sure what type of tent you need? We'll tell you what to look for and try out before you buy. The same thing for sleeping bags. Do you want a mummy bag or rectangular? Down sleeping bag or synthetic?

You'll find easy camping recipes your family will love whether you prefer cooking over a campfire or a camp stove.Are your kids naturally outdoorsy or are they used to t.v. and ipads? Is it time to get them out into nature but you're worried about how you'll keep them entertained and keep your sanity? (We have lots of experience here too).Maybe you are a regular or experienced camper and hiker but now you want to share that with your kids and you need a little advice.

We are your guide to fun and enjoyable family camping and hiking!

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The best Camping Essentials include a portable camping shower and more...
The best camping essentials include the basics we list for you plus any camping necessities your family needs for that great family camping adventure! Find out here...
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Bring a Portable Shower to Keep Clean
A portable shower will keep you clean even when you're camping
Camping Clothes, Kids Rain Gear, Kids Rain Boots, Hiking Shirt
The right camping clothes for the whole family should include waterproof hiking shoes and kids hiking boots.
Camping Hammocks, Hanging a Hammock, Best Hammock
The best camping hammocks will relax your mind, body and soul.
Mayan Hammock, Best Hammock, Camp Hammock, Handmade Hammocks
A Mayan Hammock will "cocoon" your body into a state of peace for your body, mind and soul. Mexican cotton hammocks are a must have in any camping gear.
Hammock Tent, Camp Hammock, Hanging a Hammock
The best hammock tent will relax your body, soul and mind. Choose the best camp hammock for you.
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Camping Kitchen, Portable Folding Table, Portable Camping Kitchen
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Campfire cooking
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Ensuring safe clean water
Find out how to find clean water and kill contamination organisms to have clean water wherever you travel.
Best Camping First Aid Kit Contents to Pack
What do you put in a Camping First Aid Kit? We'll tell you what you need to have.
Camping Packing List, List for Camping, Tent Camping Checklist
A Camping Packing List or tent camping checklist will make sure you have the best time away from home!
The Maglite Flashlights won't leave you Camping in the Dark!
It's dark, the stars are out but you still can't see your feet! Grab your Maglite Flashlights before you trip in the dark.
The Solar Flashlight - Using the Power of the Sun
Ran out of batteries again? The Solar Flashlight is the answer - powered by nature
Rechargeable Flashlights
Rechargeable Flashlights - What are they and how do they work? Are they good for camping? Find out here...
LED Headlamps for Camping and Hiking
LED Headlamps - hands free flashlights for camping and hiking
Best Advice for Family Hiking
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Top Outdoor Hiking Gear Advice
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Backpacking Tent
Choose the right backpacking tent for you next hike.
Hiking Backpacks, Northface Backpack, Backpacking Backpacks
The best hiking backpacks will fit your own body comfortably. Look for backpack ratings and ultralight backpacks for comfort.
Backpacking Sleeping Bags, Cold Weather Sleeping Bags, Lightweight Sleeping Bag
How to Choose Backpacking Sleeping Bags
Hiking Poles, Nordic Walking Poles, Winter Hiking, Black Diamond Trekking Poles,
Hiking Poles make your outdoor adventures the best they can be. Work out your upper body and take stress off your knees. What you need to know to add these to your backpacking equipment list.
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