2 Burner Camp Stove
- No Fuss Cooking!


A 2 Burner Camp Stove will turn your portable outdoor kitchen into a delicious place to gather on your family camping trips.

An open fire pit with a great camp grill and a 2 or 3 burner camp stove are the perfect duo for creating delicious camping meals in your portable camping kitchen.

The bonus to car camping over backpacking is that you can bring a larger camping stove with you and you'll be able to feed the whole family quite easily.

Our favourite choices for car camping cook stoves are Coleman and Century but there are other brands out there and it's worth looking at them all. REI has a great selection to choose from.


No matter which brand you decide on, consider this list of features before you buy:

Windscreens - You'll want a back and sides to your stove to protect against wind and also any splashing or spilling while cooking.

Foldable - Usually the sides and back collapse for easy storage and portability.

Independant burners - You never know what you'll be creating on your camp stove, so make sure you can adjust the temperature of each burner seperately.

Burner/grill combo - I highly recommend looking for one side to be a burner to hold pots and pans and the other side to be a grill which you can use for pots and pans but also use it as a grill and place food directly on the grill to cook.

Removable parts - This is a big one for me. I want the grill to be easily removed for cleaning. After a week of camping it gets pretty dirty and it's impossible to clean properly if you can't remove the grill.

Easy Start Button - Unless you don't mind priming the gas, look for a propane 2 burner camp stove. Plug in your propane tank, turn on the burner and push the start button. Voila! You are ready to cook!


One other item we added a couple of years ago is a camp stove aluminum stand. It's from Coleman and I love it!

This stand collapses down to almost nothing, weighs very little but is sturdy enough to hold up to 100 pounds.

We use it primarily for holding our 2 burner camp stove but it could also be used to hold a cooler or a garbage bag.

We used to place our camp stove right on the picnic table but with a large family we really need the table for us and the stove takes up too much space so it's nice to have this stand for cooking on.

Do make sure you bring along enough propane tanks.

Our family goes through about 1 1/2 tanks every couple of days when we use both the 2 burner camp stove and the open fire pit for cooking.

We'll use more of course during any camp fire bans when we have to do most of our cooking on the camp stove.

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