Choosing a 4 Person Tent
for Your Family

The perfect 4 person tent comes with easy tent instructions. Find out which are the best tents for camping with your family with our advice below.

The best family tent these days are light weight tents compared to a generation ago. Whether your family is 3 or 4 people, this size should fit the bill for your family camping needs.

We have a larger family of 6 plus a dog and we do have a fabulous 6 person Marmot brand.

These days though we bring along two tents, one for the kids and one for the adults. Our experience is that on cooler camping trips the larger one does not warm up enough at night with only 3 kids inside. Although we love the play space it provides during the day for the kids we also have invested in a 4 person size.


When you need new camping living space for your family take a look at the 4 person tent.

Unless you have a family of 5 or more this will give you all the room you need without being too big.

Nowadays they are easy to pitch and are up in less than 10 minutes.

If you look at larger family tents you will get something more cumbersome and likely too much space inside.

Our advice is to look for:

  • lots of inside pockets to store little things that you need quickly.
  • loops along the walls and inside ceiling for hanging lights and damp clothing if needed.
  • good ventilation--there will be lots of moisture from a family sleeping inside the same space.
  • windows and doors--a door on each end is very convenient, especially at nighttime.
  • vestibule space--a sort of front porch or maybe front and back covered porch to keep things dry like shoes and any bags.
  • colour coded poles and tent sleeves to make pitching your tent that much easier and faster (we really like this feature).
  • headroom--it's nice to be able to stand up inside.
  • Tip: If it gets cool or cold at night and there is too much space inside your tent, bring everyone's sleeping bags closer together.

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