A 4 Season Tent isn't just
for Winter Camping!

A 4 season tent, often used for expedition or mountaineering trips is a staple in outdoor hiking gear for backpacking tents.

They can also be used year round and can be perfect for family camping especially for family car camping.

These winter tents are great for family camping in windy and chilly conditions, especially if you plan on doing any winter camping.

These expedition tents are build to withstand strong winds and heavy snowfalls.

Although they are designed with winter months in mind, they really are good for any season.

Because they are made to stand solidly in serious winter weather they are build with more poles and a heavier fabric. This adds weight to the best family tent but that won't really matter if you are car camping.

They are also designed with a rounded roof to avoid a collection of rain or snow that would accumulate on a flat roof and are also designed with less ventilation or mesh walls. This can make the family tent a little warm and stuffy on warm days but is cozy during winter months. Coupled with comfy camping sleeping pads and cozy backpacking sleeping bags you will never be cold inside your best family tent.

4 season tent

If you are looking at large tents for your family you might want to consider one that can really stand up to the elements more than most in case your family is caught up in nasty weather during your trip. And the extra space allows for lounging, playing and whatever else you need the space for during the daytime.

We use a 3 season variety for our family and it works really well, but if we were to invest in another one (and no doubt we will eventually) we will probably look at a 4 season tent for the extra strength they offer. And keep in mind that they are made in various sizes in case you only need a 3 person tent or a 4 person tent.

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