LED Headlamps -
The Hands Free Flashlight

The creation of the LED headlamps started with the owners of the Petzl company in Europe.

Headlamps are practical, light weight, nice and small, have powerful lighting, long burn times and are very easy to use.

Originally made for caving, this hands free flashlight is used widely for outdoor activities, extreme sports and many industrial and commercial uses.

Why we love them is because they are hands free. It's very convenient to strap the elastic band around your head and turn your light on, shining on whatever you need.

I've even seen runners at night wearing headlamps this year so they are definitely gaining in popularity across many activities. petzl-headlamp

But for camping and hiking I think the best headlamp is an led type that has at least two settings, one brighter and one dimmer although many of them also have three or four settings to choose from, all with one touch of the button.

The Petzl headlamp is certainly an excellent quality brand with a few different types to choose from.

One of the features I love about their new Tikka 2 is the battery charge indicator light because I'm not big on battery surprises when I'm out in the dark.

Black Diamond also makes a great lineup of them as do a few other reputable companies.

Black Diamond makes a kids version but the only complaint I have of them is that the plastic clip holding the light to the strap broke on day 1 which happened to each of the three that we had with us. Hopefully they improve this feature as the idea to create the kids version is a great one.


You need to bring a lighting source when you are camping and hiking and I would strongly recommend considering a good quality LED headlamp, especially for backpacking.

You do really need to be hands free much of the time and this saves clenching a small flashlight between your teeth or knees!

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