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Richard and I were born into camping families and when we met we began camping together along with our growing family.  We've also done a lot of backpacking together, our first real date was a backpacking trip up to Garabaldi Lake in British Columbia.  We've tested a lot of gear over the years and explored many different ways to keep camping simple and fun for everyone.  Camping with kids is a lot of work and is absolutely worth it once you start pitching tents and setting up camp.  The smell of your first campfire seems to melt away the stress of everyday city life.  I love camping with my kids and hope that we can inspire you to at least think about exploring the outdoors and get away from the city, the iphones (granted this is a tough one for me), ipads and grab a great book or two to read while resting lazily in a hammock.  If you think this isn't possible for you it's time to re-think getting outside and spending some quality time with Mother Nature.  Everything we've written in these pages is our advice and opinions based on actual camping and hiking experiences.  Anything we recommend is also based on our own experience and we wouldn't recommend anything that we didn't believe in or test out ourselves.   Richard and I have grown up camping and hiking in British Columbia, Canada where the snow capped mountains reach the Pacific Ocean.  

Please take the time to explore these pages and feel free to contact us for more information or advice.  We are continually building this website and would love for you to join our mailing list.  

Camp, hike and get dirty!


Together at the top of a mountain

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