Backpacking Cookware

backpacking cookware, backpacking pots, backpacking cookset

Whether you are using titanium cookware or not, the best backpacking cookware will allow you to create delicious backpacking meals using a minimum backpacking cookset and some great backpacking recipes. Besides your backpacking stove and backpacking water purifier, this list of the best cookware should be all you need.

Backpacking pots and pans usually come in either:

  • aluminum
  • stainless steel
  • or titanium pans and pots
  • Aluminum backpacking pots generally weigh the lightest but are very easily damaged.

    A stainless steel backpacking cookset is more durable than aluminum but does weight more.

    Titanium pans and pots are very lightweight also, quite durable but are expensive.

    We have used a variety of stainless steel and aluminum. Our most recent addition to our backpacking gear list is the msr non-stick aluminum cookset and so far we love it.

    You do need to be more careful with the non-stick but it comes in very handy backpacking, especially for clean up.

    We have yet to try a titanium backpacking cookset and we have our eyes on a set made by Trangia. We've seen other backpackers using them and raving about how great they are.

    Most backpacking cooksets come with a pot gripper, please check this. If it doesn't you will need to buy one.

    We love shopping at REI and they do have a great selection of pots and pans and I highly recommend checking them out, even just to do some comparison shopping. Click here to check out REI's backpacking cookware.

    backpacking cookset, backpacking utensils, msr cookware

    Backpacking utensils and cutlery also need to be lightweight.

    Many items in your own kitchen will work just fine for backpacking. But if you want to keep your home kitchen supply seperate from your backpacking essentials, here's what I recommend:

    Know what your backpacking meals are going to be and plan accordingly.

    Take up a couple of lighweight, foldable utensils like those featured here.

    A spatula and spoon are probably all you'll need. We bring along a thin, weightless sheet of plastic used as a cutting board and our utility knife for everything else.

    backpacking cookset, msr cookware, food for backpacking

    We also have small plastic containers we use for any spices, olive oil, milk or other liquids we want to bring.

    backpacking cutlery, backpacking cookset

    You can easily bring up a fork and spoon from home to eat with but if you want to keep your backpacking essentials seperate, pick up a low cost spork. The spoon/fork combo made of durable plastic works great. The titanium spork is also avaialable but is also a luxury item that isn't necessary.

    We spoiled ourselves and have a set of titanium cutlery that includes a spoon, fork and knife, weighs next to nothing and makes backpacking dining almost seem elegant!

    Backpacking or Camping Dishes should also be lightweight and durable. There is a large variety out there for dishes. Many backpackers eat right out of their backpacking pots. We bring up a bowl and plate per person. We use some of our camping dishes as they are tough and light but there are many types to choose from.

    The backpacking cookware, utensils, cutlery and dishes you choose should suit your style and be easy for you to use and clean.

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