Backpacking Water Purifiers

Why do we recommend great backpacking water purifiers?

A hiking water purifier or camping water purifiers are all basically the same thing.

A water filter purifier comes in a variety of makes and models but the idea behind them is the same.

Backpacking water purifiers must be good enough to filter out almost all viruses, bacteria and common protozoan parasites.

You may have to filter water from a shallow stream, rushing river or a pretty still lake. You don't want your water filter purifier to clog on you.

Pump your water and go! is what you want from it.

The best water purifier we have used is the MiniWorks by MSR. It's small, fast and very lightweight. Perfect for backpackers!

It's also very easy to use. What we also love about this hiking water purifier is that the base fits perfectly onto many types of water bottles so you actually pump your water directly into your bottles. What could be easier.

Screw the base onto your bottle, place the end of the hose into the water source and pump. You'll have clean, reliable drinking water in no time.

When you get home take the system apart (very easy to do) and dry out completely. Then store for next time.

Check out other makes and models but please keep the MSR in mind, we think you'll like it as much as we do. Two great places to shop for any backpacking water purifiers are REI and Campsaver.

There is also the much raved about Steripen water purifier. This is a system that uses UV light to kill most of the harmful bacteria in contaminated water.

The Steripen Adventurer Opti Water Purifier has won the Backpacker Editors Choice in 2011. The Steripen does not require any pumping or chemicals and there is no aftertaste from using this system.

However, if you are having to get your water from a silty location, it is better to use a pump filter system or use a filter on the steripen water purifier. Also we recommend carrying extra batteries if this is your only choice of backpacking water purifier. You wouldn't want your steripen water purifier to stop working because of dead batteries mid way through your family hiking or camping trip.

No matter which system you use, we highly recommend carrying a back up system and what we recommend are water purifier tablets.

There is very little or no aftertaste and these are guaranteed to kill all the bad stuff in contaminated water. These are really easy to use, simply drop a tablet into your water and you're set to go with no aftertaste.

They are also far less expensive, require no batteries or pumping and are incredibly easy to use.

Happy Hiking!

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