Campfire Cooking

Campfire cooking makes some of the tastiest meals I've ever had.  Maybe it's eating out in the woods or eating food cooked over a real campfire but cooking for camping is easy.  All you need to do is some prep work before you head out.  To make things even easier you can pick up this inexpensive book with easy camping recipes to help with your family camping trips.  I'm still working on my own collection and can't wait to share that but until then here's one I recommend. 

To make things even tastier help your kids build their own homemade solar ovens out of a pizza box and bake your own fresh cookies!  You can even make your own pizza in these homemade solar ovens.  Bring up some frozen pizza dough or make some while you're there.  Super easy and I will add my pizza dough recipe soon as it is truly my favourite and pizzas make an easy and delicous meal.  You can even make pizzas over your campfire.   Memories of doing this will be with my kids when they grow up and take their own kids camping.  Click here to find out how to make one with your kids.

Kids can build solar oven!

Campfire cooking is easy with some basic camping cooking supplies, camping fuel and simple camping cooking recipes.  (See the link above for the great camping food recipes book).    You do want to make your camping kitchen storage animal proof and easy to access for yourself.  I like to "set up" my kitchen right away and keep our camping food storage away from the sun and a distance from our tents.  I also keep our dry goods in watertight Rubbermaid containers that raccoons have yet to figure out how to open.  Besides making smores I also love having a campfire popcorn popper.  Either the type you can buy ready made or a popcorn popper you buy from your favourite camping store and use your own popcorn seeds.  

The Classic Smore!

Click here for great smore recipes and please share with us your favourite smore recipes.

Of course there is the classic standby of roasted hot dogs that the kids can roast themselves!  We do have store bought hot dog/marshmallow sticks and these have been well loved over the years.  Don't go cheap on these, they are well worth getting some solid roasting sticks with long handles to keep little hands further away from the fire.  Here's the ones I recommend, they don't cost much and they'll most likely last a lifetime.

For great camping food ideas pick up our easy camping recipes book above and get your campfire cooking on!  

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