Using Campfire Rings to
Build Your Campfire


Campfire Rings

What beats the smell, warmth and glow of a campfire?

Or what about hearing the crackling of wood and watching your marshmallows turn a golden brown.

Building a fire is part of the camping experience.

Most campgrounds provide firepits to build fires and here's how to do that in case you need a little guidance.

Gather up the following:

  1. Tinder - small dry sticks found on the ground/bark/dry grass/paper/moss/dryer lint.
  2. Kindling - dry twigs/small branches found on the ground/small pieces of wood (you may have to split larger pieces with your axe.
  3. Dry wood - the main fuel source - larger pieces of dry wood. This is what keeps the fire burning.

Building the fire:

  1. Using the firepit, gather the tinder in the center and surround it loosely with some of the kindling.
  2. Light the tinder. You may have to blow on it to get it going.
  3. Once the tinder is burning add more kindling.
  4. When the kindling is burning, place the larger wood pieces in a teepee shape over the kindling.

Once the fire has burned down a bit you are ready to use your camp grill and start some great camp fire cooking!


If you do not have a firepit to use, create your own.

  • clear an area about 4-5 feet in diameter and surround it with a ring of large rocks.

  • Some good campfire rules to follow:

    1. Always keep a bucket of water beside your campfire.
    2. Never build a campfire near your tent.
    3. Always completely extinguish your campfire.
    4. Always pour water over any charred logs or wood.

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