Camping Hammocks

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The best camping hammocks will relax your mind, body and soul.

A two person hammock might be the best hammock for family camping.

And hanging a hammock is super easy. Great camp hammocks come in a variety of styles.

  • A hammock tent - an alternative to tent camping and a great alternative for backpacking.

  • A two person hammock - what could be more enjoyable than snuggling with a loved one!

  • We highly recommend looking at the great choices available from Grand Trunk because they truly are experts in the field of hammocks and the owners have travelled the world sleeping in the best folding hammock for travelling.

  • A beautiful Mayan hammock - in my opinion the best hammock there is!
  • Or a quick and easy cheap hammock - great for everyone, even the kids to slip into and enjoy, less to worry about if it tears or rips after a couple of summers.
  • Gently swaying in a camp hammock is one of the best ways to relax out in the woods.

    Hanging a hammock is easy and quick. You just need a couple of healthy trees. And using web strapping around the trees means you won't be damaging them at all.

    Two years ago my husband bought me a Mayan hammock to take on our family car camping trips. It is still my most favourite piece of camping gear.

    I read, snooze and just relax in it, swinging gently, looking up at the tree tops and the clouds in the sky.

    Brief History of the Hammock

    The hammock was first developed in Latin America by the Mayan Indians. They were originally made out of bark found on Hamak trees and as time went on different types of materials were used.

    Nowadays, cotton is widely used to make hammocks including Mayan hammocks but has only been used to make them in the last 50-70 years.

    The sleeping hammock was the main purpose of their production, both to sleep above the ground outdoors and indoors because houses were very small and this was a way to conserve valuable floor space.

    Also, in hotter climates, sleeping in a hammock is a great way to stay cool and comfortable during the night.

    Take a look at the large variety of camping hammocks available, the different materials used and I guarantee that you will enjoy the relaxation that a camping hammock can provide to your whole family!

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