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How to choose the best camping sleeping bags for your family's camping and backpacking adventures is easy and important because having the best sleeping bags is a big part of your camping experience.

Children's sleeping bags
Double sleeping bags
Backpacking sleeping bags
Ultralight Sleeping Bags
Down fill or synthetic fill
Sleeping pads

Sleeping bags and sleeping pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes and materials. They also come in a large variety of prices.

Because there are literally hundreds of sleeping bags to choose from it's important to narrow things down to the basics.

A sleeping bag needs to keep you warm, dry and comfortable.

Let's break sleeping bags down simply:

Size and Shape

Mummy shaped sleeping bag

Not all bags are the same! My personal preference for warmth and comfort is the mummy sleeping bag.

OK, yes I'm a Mum, and that's what my kids thought a mummy bag was for at first but it's the shape, not just for us Mum's out there.

A mummy bag is shaped as you might guess, like an Egyptian Mummy. Narrow at the feet and wider across the shoulders with a hood for your head.

These are great sleeping bags for all weather types, especially if the nights tend to be a bit chilly. The air inside acts as a great insulator keeping you nice and warm.

There are also the rectangular sleeping bags. These are just as described and are not as fitting as the mummy bag. There is also more room to move, more room for colder air.

Some people think that a mummy bag forces them to sleep on their back, I tend to move around a bit when I sleep and I manage to sleep on my back or my side quite easily in my mummy bag.

In my years of experience, a mummy bag is going to keep you warmer and even in the middle of summer you just never know how low the temperature will dip depending on where you are camping.

Mummy bags are also more compact. Your new bag should come with a stuff sack. And it is meant for exactly that. Grab your sleeping bag and stuff it in the stuff sack. You'll be surprised how compact it will become.

All sleeping bags come in different sizes. From childrens sleeping bags to double sleeping bags and in between.

We have the youth sleeping bags for our youngest kids that are also mummy shaped and they stay toasty all night.

My husband and I have mummy bags for ourselves but mine is specifically designed for women. It is slightly wider and warmer in the hip area.

Temperature Ratings

Camping sleeping bags have temperature ratings. This rating will tell you what the outside temperature can be while you stay warm in your bag.

One tip about the temperature ratings: Read these as a guide only. Our three season camping sleeping bags have a temperature rating down to -9 degrees celcius. I've slept in temperatures around 0 degrees Celcius and felt cold.

If you get cold easily just watch these guides and realize that just because the tag says something it is not a one-size-fits-all.

Generally men will keep warmer at night than women and the closer the outside temperature gets to the low end of the rating on your sleeping bag, the less comfortable you may be.

Another note:

Try before you buy! I mean it too. Take the sample of the camping sleeping bags you are interested in and lie down in them on the store floor. Yes, you are supposed to do this. If you've never owned a mummy sleeping bag before this is a good way to give it a try.

Sleeping bags also come in different lengths. At 5'10" I should have been just fine in a regular length sleeping bag, but when I "tried" it on I decided to buy the taller version which allowed me a bit of wiggle room for my feet and I didn't feel like it was too short.

You have another choice too. You'll need to decide between down fill or synthetic fill.

If you are a hiker/backpacker make sure you look at a good backpacking sleeping bag. When backpacking every ounce counts as my husband and I like to say.

And if your current sleeping bag isn't keeping you warm enough and you don't want to invest in a new one right now consider purchasing a sleeping bag liner.

This simple and less expensive investment can boost the temperature of your sleeping bag by a couple of degrees at night which might be the perfect solution for you.

The variety of camping sleeping bags is vast, but what you really need can be quite simple. Keep that in mind when you go out to try on your next sleeping bag!

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