A Good Selection of childrens Outdoor Toys will Keep Everyone Happy at Camp

glow-in-the-dark-frisbeeSuper fun childrens outdoor toys!

You've got your essentials all packed, the kids are helping (ok maybe)and you're almost ready to go.

There will be lots to do, see and explore while you're camping but  it's very helpful to bring along some good childrens outdoor toys.

In our experience the toys they will like will vary depending on the child and their age.

But here are our top choices for outdoor toys for kids that always pass the test in our family.

  • glow in the dark frisbees--these are a huge hit and usually bring out other kids from neighbouring campsite which helps your kids make instant friends!
  • glow sticks--we pass these around the campfire after the sun has set and we always bring lots of extras to pass around to other kids so they all feel included. This is a really cheap means of nightly entertainment that helps build some friendships, keeps them in sight when it's dark and you can buy these in bulk.
  • balls of all sorts--whether it's soccer, beach ball, football, volleyball or softball with mits and a bat, balls are great for the whole family to play with and a great energy burner.
  • bikes--we bring along the kids bikes and they can safely ride around the campgrounds on their own or with us along nearby trails.
  • nets and bug catchers--for younger kids this is a great way to study insects and bugs. We've seen some pretty strange looking insects over the years and it's fun to look them up in our bug book we bring along.
  • cameras and binoculars the kids can use--with digital cameras they can take hundreds of pictures to be edited later. Give them "assignments" to photograph--they'll be entertained for hours.
  • books--we've brought our kids up to be big readers and we'll usually bring up a few new books for them. It's great to help them wind down at the end of the day or have some quiet time at anytime.
  • colouring books, paper and colouring supplies--let nature inspire the artist in them. Paint on paper, paint on rocks, draw what they see on paper or whatever else they feel inspired to colour or draw.
  • Small plastic figurines--We bring a bag of plastic figurines (they come in any shape) and a big outdoor mat they can lie on and play with. We have soldiers, horses, animals of all kinds, little people and more. These have surprised us as they have been a huge source of entertainment for our kids.
  • beach toys--classic toys for playing in the sand.
  • smaller versions of favourite games--we bring travel sized versions of Scrabble, Connect Four etc.
  • kites--If you know you'll have open spaces when you're camping kites are so fun for kids to fly.
  • kids sized fishing rods--I personally don't have the patience for fishing but our kids love to fish and my husband spends countless hours happily untangling their fishing lines. They are very proud of themselves when they catch their Dad a trout for dinner!
  • Here's a good selection of childrens outdoor toys to take on your next family camping and hiking adventure.   We keep a box of outdoor toys for kids packed away with our camping gear.  

    We've brought more toys than listed here in the past and they never get used.

    The kids stay pretty busy just being in nature. We find that the outdoor toys for kids we bring along now are enough.

    If you bring toys from home make sure they can get dirty and won't create tears if they break.

    I highly recommend keeping a stash of camping toys seperate from their day to day toys they play with at home. They'll enjoy them more because they'll seem "new" to your kids. 

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