Childrens Sleeping Bags are a Perfect Fit for Smaller Bodies!

Keeping kids cozy and well rested with great childrens sleeping bags designed just for them is the way to go.

Kids want their own sleeping bags and so they should. They are usually very reasonably priced and can either be passed down or re-sold or even used as a blanket when the kids have outgrown their sleeping bag.

Childrens sleeping bags come in just about as many different shapes, sizes and add-ons as any other camping sleeping bag.

Before you head out to buy your children their own sleeping bag keep a few things in mind.

First: What shape is your child going to feel most comfortable in? Here's the fun part for them--they get to try on sleeping bags! You want to make sure they have some growing room in them but not too much that the air inside won't warm up for them.

I recommend the mummy sleeping bag even for kids.

Mummy sleeping bag for kids

The air inside the mummy bag will be nicely sealed in to keep little ones nice and warm.

My kids all can get cold easily so I just wouldn't get them anything else.

But, if your kids keep warmer better than mine do, you could also consider a semirectangular sleeping bag.

childrens sleeping bags These sleeping bags will keep them warm and give them even more wiggle room while they rest.

And there is always the fully rectangular bag as well. We have a couple of these which we keep around the house for sleepovers or inside camping.

Whatever shape of sleeping bag you look for, make sure you also look at the details of each sleeping bag you are considering.

Does the sleeping bag open up fully so that you can lay it flat and use it as a blanket if you want to?

Does it have an extra pocket in the hood to put soft "stuff" for an extra pillow? Is that a feature you would like? Are there extra small pockets on the inside and outside of the sleeping bag for little things such as flashlights? small stuffies?

Is the sleeping bag made of down or synthetic?

Is it machine washable? This one is super important for me.

Children deserve to have their own childrens sleeping bag, it makes the whole camping trip that much more memorable for them. Let your children help choose out the one they want and remember that sometimes they even get a color or fabric design choice!

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