Clean Water

The most important thing that determines how long and where you can go outdoors is access to safe, clean water. 

Boiling Water over campfire

Family camping in approved campsites usually provides clean drinking water however if you are camping away from state or province sanctioned campsites, camping along river or water ways or backpacking in the outback it is highly recommended that you equip yourself with at least one method of treating water. 

For your own safety you should always treat all water as potentially contaminated. 

If you are near the coast never drink salt water no matter how tempting as the saltiness will cause dehydration very quickly.  Keep in mind that the fresh water is lighter than salt water so always drink from the top of the salt water pool. 

In rivers where there is a lot of silt, the deeper down you get your water the cleaner it will be because the silt travels near the top of the water. 

The best way to kill all impurities is to vigorously boil your water for at least 5 minutes before cooling. 

The second best way to kill the protozoans, bacteria and viruses is by using a water purifier 

Happy Camping and drink safe water!

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Water tablets for clean water

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