A Double Sleeping Bag
isn't just for Two Adults!


A double sleeping bag can really add to the comfort of your next camping trip.

They can be used by two adults, two adults and a new baby or young child in the middle or even up to about four smaller children.

They're not for everyone mind you, but they do provide comfy, warm sleeping space for car campers or cabin campers.

I would not recommend one for backpacking as they are just too bulky and weigh more than you'll likely want to carry.

They can be constructed in different ways. One way is the side by side style that can be used as singles and zipped together to create a double.


Or it can be made with two bags that basically fit on top on each other. One is the bottom and one is the top and they zip together along the outer sides.

Either way you go, make sure that you look for a full length zipper on both sides. This will make is easier to get out during the night without disturbing the person next to you.

You will also need to decide if you want goose down or synthetic material.

And check out the little things on any sleeping bag you are shopping for. The head room for your pillow is important and little pockets on the inside and outside can be very handy for small items you may need in the night.

Don't forget to try before you buy!

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