Down Filled Sleeping Bags or Synthetic?

What size and shape should your sleeping bag be?

And what about goose down filled sleeping bags or synthetic?

This is an important decision so let's talk turkey (or maybe goose!) for a minute.

Goose down is superior in delivering great insulation.

It is also extremely light weight and very compressible which makes it a great choice for car camping and for a backpacking sleeping bag.

It also retains its insulating properties longer than synthetic.

Overall, it is a better long term investment.

But synthetic filled sleeping bags do stand up better if they are damp and are less expensive. They may not stand up as long as their cousins but it comes down to your budget.

My husband and I have down filled sleeping bags for all the reasons listed and our younger kids have synthetic ones that are youth sized.

Don't forget to try before you buy!

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