External Frame Backpacks

The best external frame backpacks might be part of your hiking equipment list after doing some careful backpack comparison.

The external frame backpacks are not as popular these days compared to the internal frame backpack but shouldn't be discounted. When choosing a backpack take a look at both of these backpack types before purchasing a backpack. The external frame pack makes a great choice of lightweight backpacks depending on your needs.

Hiking backpacks really give you two choices, the external backpack or the internal frame. It's important to learn the differences between the

internal frame backpack and their external cousin.

External frame backpacks are great for longer trips and heavier loads. Although they have lost their popularity due to the influx of the internal frame variety, they are still an excellent choice for many hikers.

Because of their design, the frame sits on the outside of the hiking backpack instead of on the inside. This design allows more air flow between the pack and your back. They do not fit as snugly against the body which allows this nice air flow feature.

The large rigid frame is securely attached to the pack and is able to handle heavier loads which can be advantageous over the internal frame backpack for those going on longer hiking trips or if you are carrying extra weight. They offer better ventilation due to their design which is often a complaint that works against the internal frame style because that style sits snugly against your back offering very little ventilation.

The external frames also cost considerably less money too. This can be an important deciding factor for newer hikers to the sport.

One of the other great features is that they have lots of external compartments which makes keeping your backpacking gear organized a breeze. There are also lots of extra external straps for attaching gear such as backpacking sleeping bags or your sleeping pad securely.

It's worth checking out reviews and comments from other users and I would highly recommend looking at the external frame backpacks that REI offers. REI carries a great selection of excellent quality backpacking backpacks and I highly recommend them.

Learn how to pack your backpack is also vitally important for your comfort too.

And keep the weight ratio in mind also. The average weight your pack should weigh is 25% of your ideal body weight.

Head to your favourite outdoor store and have their experts measure your torso so you can choose from the best fitting hiking backpacks. Decide what your needs and look at both the internal frame backpack styles and the external frame backpacks. You may just surprise yourself which one feels just right for you.

Happy Hiking!

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