Hammock Tent

The best hammock tent will relax your body, soul and mind. Choose the best camp hammock for you which will also keep you dry, bug free and comfortable.

Hanging a hammock tent is easy and makes for a very comfortable night's sleep.

All you need are two healthy trees a good distance apart.

To avoid damaging the tree bark, use webbed straps to wrap around the trees.

Adding a camp hammock to your tent camping checklist might be right for you. Finding a hanging spot might also be easier than finding a ground spot, especially when backpacking.

This means you are not sleeping on the ground but instead you are sleeping above the ground. One of the best styles we have reviewed and researched is made by Hennessey. We also love the hammocks made and sold by Grand Trunk. The folks at Grand Trunk have immense experience with hammocks and we'll be posting an interview we had with them soon.

I have not yet heard of a double version, but many single sleepers swear by these after their first try. And these are great for teens seeking some privacy away from mom and dad.

The benefits are numerous:

  • They are much lighter than a regular tent for camping. This is especially beneficial for backpackers. You don't need any poles and the entire tarp with rain cover can weigh less than a pound.
  • You don't need a sleeping pad as they are designed to support your back and relaxes the body naturally.
  • Sleeping on your side or back is easy as they are designed to support your body sleeping in different ways.
  • Hanging a rain cover above it keeps the rain off, bug shields are also available.
  • Usually takes much less time to set up.
  • I wouldn't call these cheap hammocks but they do cost much less than a quality ground tent.
  • Being suspended above ground means no more sleeping on uneven ground, sloping sites or finding small rocks poking through your sleeping pad at night.

  • The downside is pretty small:

  • I haven't heard of a two person hammock tent so unless you are sleeping alone this won't work for you.
  • There is less insulation and you may feel colder if the temperature drops at night because you won't have anything keeping your backside warm.

  • I'll admit I've yet to spend the night in one but it is tempting to try as I've heard only great things from people that do use them regularly.

    If you are going backpacking with a group of friends and sleeping alone or your kids are old enough that they need their own sleeping place I would recommend giving these serious consideration.

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