Hiking with Baby

We recently added another member to our family and now we go hiking with baby and she's already been up a few mountains, all before she turns a year old!

Though our experience is still far from over, we can share what we've learned about hiking with our baby and what we've gained from others.

What you need to go hiking with baby:

The first thing to do is invest in a great baby backpack carrier.

We did a ton of research on this and please feel free to use our hours of research or contact us at info@familycampingandhiking.com
to ask us any questions you may have before purchasing one for yourselves.

We decided to buy the new Poco backpack carrier from Osprey for a lot or reasons:

Firstly, we just love Osprey products. Their backpacks are so well made and designed and they have an awesome return policy should anything go wrong.

One of the beauties of their backpacks including the baby carrier is the adjustable torso. With an Osprey baby carrier it means that hiking with baby will work with either parent carrying your precious bundle because the adjustable torso will fit both of you. The backpack isn't going to feel too big or too small on either parent which makes it really fantastic.

The hip belt is adjustable for different hip width and makes the carrier so adaptable to different body types which is perfect for parents that want to share carrying your little hiker.

I love the mesh pockets on the sides of the pack. I use them to hold water bottles as they are easy to reach while wearing the baby carrier.

We bought the premium backpack that has the attached sun cover and detachable daypack. The sun cover is great for just that but we use it no matter what the weather as we learned early on that it also protects your baby against swinging branches. (One scratch across our baby's forehead was enough to learn this lesson.).

When we are hiking with baby on a day hike, one of us wears the backpack carrier and the other one wears the detachable daypack. It is small but roomy enough to carry our lunch and snacks and the baby carrier still has pockets and room to store necessary diapers, baby food and the rain cover.

Which leads me to the rain cover. I think this is a must to purchase for your baby carrier and the Osprey rain cover is so easy to snap/velcro on, fits perfectly over the carrier and will keep baby nice and dry.

The baby backpack by Osprey also has little adjustable foot rests for your baby/child which are very handy when they are a little older, the seat is adjustable as they grow and need to sit lower and there is a nice head rest when they need to put their heads down for a nap while you are carrying them. I've even used this while on a walking field trip with another one of our children, it's just that comfortable and keeps our baby happy.

While planning a hiking trip with baby you also need to plan a few things based on how long you will be gone. Diapers, food, toys, extra clothing, clothing for any type of weather.

We like to follow the same layering philosophy that we do for ourselves. Even when we warm up hiking on a cooler day, baby needs to stay warm with layers that can be peeled off easily if needed. We keep light fleece onsies and pants in her wardrobe as well as comfy cotton clothing and sweaters.

When we go hiking with baby we also have a cozy fleeze one piece that zips up and keeps her warm from head to toe covering her feet and hands but can easily be unzipped part way for warmer days. We'll layer that with a one piece rain suit that not only keeps her dry but acts as a wind guard on windier days and keeps her body heat from escaping when it's colder out.

When we break for snacks or lunch on our hikes we bring our baby out of the carrier to give her a break too. She gets her lunch and a chance to look around with us before heading back onto the trail again. Hiking with baby seems to keep them happy and entertained as there is always something to see that's new and different.

Happy Hiking!

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