Internal Frame Backpack

The internal frame backpack is the most popular type of backpacks for hiking. Outdoor hiking gear starts with the best and most comfortable lightweight backpacks.

Researching outdoor hiking gear usually starts with doing a backpack comparison between the external frame pack and the internal frame backpacks which have a semi rigid frame located on the inside of the hiking backpack. These lightweight backpacks for hiking have a frame that is integrated right into the fabric of the pack itself.

They are designed to mold to the body, to hug the body more than an external frame backpack would. This provides a great, close fit which gives the hiker more balance and less bouncing of the backpacking backpacks as you move.

Your backpacking equipment is meant to fit inside the pack with very little backpacking equipment tethered to the outside.

Because they are worn so snugly to the body, there is less ventilation and more accumulation of moisture or sweat between your back and the back of the pack.

But many backpacking manufacturers take this into consideration in their designs, providing small air pockets and mesh coverings to increase air flow on the back.

The Osprey backpack is by far our personal favourite for an internal frame backpack. They have created a wonderful womens backpack with narrower shoulder straps and a slightly wider hip belt. They also have adjustable torsos and lifetime warranties. It's the perfect fit for me, but everybody fits a hiking backpack differently and the Northface backpack might be better for someone else.

Gregory backpacks are also highly regarded and I do like the extra pockets they have put right onto their hip belts. They make perfect compartments for healthy food for backpacking snacks or small items you need quick access to.

REI is one of our favourite outdoor stores for camping and hiking gear. They carry all of these fantastic backpacks and are well worth checking out, to see what kinds of backpacks they carry.

Fitting a backpacking backpack is a very personal experience as what fits properly on one person won't fit the same way on another person. You need to try on many different types,models and brands. Fill each one with weights or stuffed with equipment to give you a better idea what it will feel like on your back when you're all packed up and ready to go.

And don't forget about packing your backpack correctly. This will help make your hiking trip more comfortable with less or no pain and discomfort in your back, shoulders and neck. Learn how to pack a backpack.

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