Kids Outdoor Toys

Bringing along a couple of kids outdoor toys can make little hikers very happy.

Of course if your kids are older you probably won't need to but...

Little ones as any parent knows need to be entertained and their attention span is short.


Packing along a couple of items to help keep them busy might make your hiking trip much more enjoyable.

You are most likely going to have a daypack on your back, so bring along a couple of toys such as:

  • small size binoculars
  • digital camera they can use
  • rubber ball attached to a small paddle
  • frisbee if you are hiking where there is open space
  • kids magnifying glass and a bug book
  • a book they love to look at when you take a break
  • small toy figurines to play with during break time
  • small notepad and crayons/markers to draw what they see
  • create an I Spy game along the way
  • paper to draw a treasure map
  • small magnetic doodle boards
  • These are just some lightweight, backpack proof toys that most kids really enjoy and can be taken outdoors.

    Hopefully the environment around you is enough to keep them happy but raising kids of my own I know it's better to be prepared with a couple of entertainment necessities to keep the whole family happy!

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