Light weight Tents are Essential for any Backpacking Adventure


Pretty self explanatory right!

Light weight tents make for the best backpacking tent.

What is light weight? Our latest addition is a three person, extra long version weighing less than 5 pounds.

That's not an ultralight by a long shot (under 1 pound) but it does fit three of us comfortably with room for our gear.

Tip: Divide your tent parts between hikers so each person is carrying a bit of your shelter with them.

Tip: Look for two doors. You won't have to climb over people to get out in the night and there really isn't much room inside. It's nice to have a door right beside you.

Carefully check out the floor space before you buy. If you're tall you won't have much room for clothing or any gear and you'll need some vestibule space or look for a long version.

We're a tall family and we found an extra long tent which is perfect for us. It does mean a little extra weight but we'd have no where else to store our gear from the elements otherwise.

We also love the mesh pockets and hooks provided inside to store nighttime essentials and hang damp clothing to dry.

Please remember the golden rule: Carry no more than 25% of your body weight on your back while hiking.

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