Portable Folding Table

A portable folding table for family camping is a rugged lightweight folding table used for your camping kitchen or camping crafts with the kids.

Not everyone needs to bring along a folding portable table to the campsite but it can help you to create a portable outdoor kitchen for your family to keep your camping cooking supplies organized.

Many campsites offer picnic tables and it's worth checking before you head out. This may be all you need for your family camping trips but if your family is larger or there is no picnic table available you might want to consider bringing your own fold up tables and some folding camp chairs to take along with you.

Collapsible tables can be found at most larger all purpose stores and it's best to look for one that is lightweight, easy to transport and durable. A plastic folding table isn't always the best choice to take car and tent camping.

Companies like REI make portable folding tables specifically for the family campers in mind. It is worth taking a look at their brand of durable fold up tables that aren't just rugged but also pack up very well, taking up as little space as possible when packing. There are also many styles to choose from so make sure you buy the style that best suits your family. Coleman makes a great variety to choose from and they are designed with the family camper in mind.

If you won't have a picnic table available to you, consider a folding table with benches attached for seating. You many also want to consider a table with an umbrella for shading.

They also come in different sizes depending on what your needs are. Take a good look at what's available, what your needs are and choose the right style for your family camping trips.

We have been fortunate to camp in sites where a picnic table is available to us but we do bring along a portable camping cook stove holder. This aluminum stand holds our portable cook stove perfectly and saves us having to use the picnic table for cooking on.

Another reason you may want to consider bringing along your own table is to keep one table for cooking and eating and another for all other family activities.

If a picnic table is available to you it can be used for food prep, cooking, eating and cleaning. Your portable folding table can be used for the family or the kids during the day for their crafts, play area, family games and all other activities for you and your kids. If you do this, you won't need to stop the family from using the table for their daytime fun each time you need to prep and cook a meal.

Including your own table in your family camping gear can add a great deal of comfort for your family and help to keep your portable outdoor kitchen organized.

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