Rechargeable Flashlights


Rechargeable flashlights use batteries or a battery pack which can be charged many times over thus avoiding the need to constantly replace dead batteries.

But I also consider this category to include:

  • solar powered and
  • crank or wind up powered

  • These types are excellent to take camping and hiking.

    With the battery type, there is no need to replace them every time they die out.

    The initial cost is higher than ones using disposables but you reap the savings because you don't need to buy new batteries on an on-going basis and throwing them out isn't very environmentally friendly.

    They ususally use a seperate power source to recharge the batteries.

    The flashlight itself fits into a docking station which keeps the batteries charged up.

    Eventually the batteries or battery pack will need to be replaced but this can take years depending on your useage.

    The most common types of batteries used are:

  • NiCd - nickel cadium
  • NiMh - nickel metal lydride
  • Li-ion - lithium ion
  • Maglite makes a great Magcharger flashlight and uses the NiMh type of battery.

    I think these are excellent to have around the house for emergencies, we have two in our house.

    But unless you have a power source available to you while camping, it comes with a car charger or you have an extra battery pack, it might be best to leave this one at home and bring along your other camping lights and headlamps.

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