The Solar Flashlight - Battery Free, Powered by Nature


The Solar Flashlight

Do you run out of batteries often?

Search your whole house for fresh ones but can't find enough?

I think this describes a lot of us!

Taking a solar flashlight camping and hiking can be a real lifesaver.

Powered by the sun, they can shine for hours on a single charge!

And you won't be throwing out as many batteries.

With or Without Back up Batteries

Many models come with back up batteries in case you run into a few days of no sun.

The only physical difference is they have a solar panel usually located on the handle and are often much lighter.

Keep it on the dash or somewhere the sun will hit it and you'll have light ready to go that should hold it's charge for up to a couple of weeks.


The Crank Flashlight

On the other hand, if relying on the sun is not for you but you still want to be environmentally careful (aren't most campers) then look for a crank flashlight or a wind up flashlight.

  • environmentally friendly
  • no worrying about needing sun power
  • The downside: you do need to turn the handle every few minutes for continuous useage (keeps kids busy though).

    If that's not for you then the solution might be a combination of solar power and crank style.

    Two for one! No downside, lots of upside.

    And there are several of these combo types available at most outdoor stores.

    Some even come with a radio attached!


    The Waterproof Flashlight

    Depending on the type of hiking or camping you're doing a waterproof flashlight is a good idea.

    Most are water resistant but if you know you'll need light underwater make sure it is waterproof.


    Mini Flashlights

    Kids need them too and they are made in smaller sizes including:

  • mini mag flashlight
  • mini led flashlights
  • solar flashlight in mini size

  • Check to see if you have an LED type.

    These are more efficient as they emit more light per watt than traditional bulbs.

    They are also more shock resistance (better for kids) and have a longer life span.

    Whether you are camping or hiking you'll want to have the brightest flashlight to make your way in the dark.

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