Steripen Water Purifier


I think the Steripen water purifier deserves special mention because we're seeing it being used more and more on the trails and up at base camps by fellow hikers and backpackers.

It uses ultraviolet light to kill almost all viruses, bacteria and common protozoan parasites.

It will do the same job as the best kind of backpacking water purifiers out there but in a much different way.

Ultraviolet water purifiers like the Steripen are battery operated and are incredibly easy to use. Simply hold the pen in your water bottle for the specified amount of time (usually a minute or two) and it works on a self timer. You'll know when your water is purified and ready to drink.

What I like about the Steripen is the convenience of simply filling your water bottle more quickly then by pumping with hiking water purifier systems.

We've seen them used many times now and will most likely add one to our hiking inventory.

It's a different way of purifying your water, decide which system you want to use or use one as your main system and one as your backup.

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