Tarp Tents Make a Great Shelter with a Million Dollar View

What could be nicer than sleeping under the stars and being able to take in that view right from your sleeping bag.


OK, the concept of tarp tents is great and many people love sleeping in them. I prefer a little protection from the bugs myself but I do crave the kind of openness that they offer.

This type of shelter is made from a flat sheet of waterproof material with grommets along the edges to secure down with ropes.

An 8 X 10 sheet is a great size to use. All you need are poles, sticks or trees to support it.

They are often used as ultralight tents for backpacking, supported by hiking poles.

Still, if the idea of being so open isn't your cup of tea they can provide shelter to the front of your tent for gear and clothing if you are sleeping in a small tent and space is a premium.

And you can cook under them which you cannot do inside a regular tent.

If bugs and critters aren't a concern it might be worth a try if where you are going offers magnificent views.

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