Two Person Hammock

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A Two Person Hammock is our favorite piece of family camping gear. Relax with a loved one in the best hammock that "cocoons" your body into a state of relaxation and peace.

Family camping is a wonderful way to bond with your loved ones and being out in nature is very relaxing but we have found that swaying gently under the treetop canopy in our Mayan hammock to be one of the most relaxing times of our family camping trips.

A nylon hammock can be equally as relaxing as the cotton hammocks and it's worth looking at both types before deciding which one is more suitable for your family camping trips. We really recommend looking at two stores that have hammocks for sale.

The folks at Grand Trunk Goods have travelled the world sleeping in and relaxing in hammocks and are true experts.

We are also huge fans of REI just because we love shopping there for most of our family hiking and camping needs and they have an amazing selection of just about everything, very experienced staff and a super return policy should you need it.

Once you have purchased your camping hammock, the next thing to do before slipping into it is to hang it. And this is easier to do than you may think.

Hanging a hammock between two trees, swaying in the gentle breeze and looking up at the treetops is an amazingly peaceful experience.

Simply locate two sturdy trees a good distance apart, and wrap the webbed straps around the trees.

There are usually instructions that come with each camping hammock as well. Make sure to read them over.

Having a two person hammock is great for snuggling up with your partner or one of your children for some special time together.

Of course if the children are still little, more than two of them can fit quite easily!

A double hammock needs to be stronger than a single hammock. I wouldn't consider any cheap hammocks if you want to have more than one person enjoying it at a time.

The best hammock that I have found for family camping is the Mayan hammock.

These are beautifully made handmade hammocks, incredibly durable and very comfortable.

Grab a pillow, slip lengthways or width wise with a Mayan hammock and enjoy. Read a book, relax in the sun or just take a snooze.

A camp hammock can also be used as a chair, they are easy to sit in and comfortably hold two people this way too.

I really enjoy lying with one of our children reading or just snuggling. It gives us a great bonding experience, things are quiet and still, something we don't get very often.

In our busy, rushed lives, adding a camping hammock to your outdoor experience will provide life lasting memories of togetherness with your loved ones.

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