Ultralight Sleeping Bag

ultralight sleeping bag, backpacking sleeping bags

The ultralight sleeping bag is one of three ways to become an ultralight backpacker and seriously reduce the weight of your backpacking backpacks.

Ultralight backpacking sleeping bags usually weigh 1 pound or less but this isn't a hard and fast rule. I know our compact sleeping bags wouldn't be considered ultralight, but would fall into the lightweight sleeping bags category.

But to ultimately cut down on the weight you carry, you need to reduce the weight in three main areas:

  1. backpacking sleeping bags
  2. backpacking tent
  3. backpacking backpacks

ultralight sleeping bag, lightweight sleeping bags, backpacking sleeping bags

A backpacking sleeping bag that is considered ultralight by diehard backpackers does weigh less than a pound and usually refers to being without the stuff sack.

You have a choice of either down filled or synthetic filled. Down fill is lighter, much more compressible and may keep you warmer.

It is usually also more expensive. It is more delicate than synthetic fill.

Synthetic fill is not as compressible, usually weighs more and costs less.

It is also more durable and better in damp or wet weather.

These days, the synthetic fill materials used by some companies is getting lighter and more comfortable so it's worth considering, especially if you'll be hiking in damper weather.

My preference is still down fill.

Several companies make great quality compact sleeping bags including Marmot.

Their Atom ultralight design sleeping bag has received a couple of nice awards for top choice in this category.

You need to know the type of weather you will encounter and your personal needs before choosing a backpacking sleeping bag.

For me, I need the extra loft to stay warm and that means extra weight but comfort and warmth are worth it for me.

For others, carrying less weight is more important, especially if they are not cold sleepers. Carrying less weight will give you more energy for your hike and other activities.

If you are trying to become an ultralight backpacker or you need to carry some gear for others (we carry some of our younger kids' hiking gear) then look at your options for ultralight sleeping bags as one way to reduce the overall weight on your back.

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