Water Filter Purifier


A water filter purifier may be something you don't need car camping.

Most campsites do offer drinking water from a number of taps located throughout the campsite.

Check before you head out!

Last summer one of the spots we took our family camping had just put up signs on all the taps stating that a bacteria may be present in the water.

It's not a big deal when you're car camping, you just need to boil all your water first before using it for anything.

For short day hikes you may be able to get away with a couple of bottles of water you bring with you.

Water purifier systems are a necessity if you are going on longer hikes or backpacking.

A good hiking water purifier will provide your family with peace of mind about the water you need to drink, especially when you're hiking in hot, sunny weather and climbing to higher altitudes. A reliable water source is vital.

Those cold, moutain streams are natural sources of drinking water but may contain viruses and bacteria. You need to filter those out. The best water purifier system will do that.

The backpacking water purifiers that we like to use are by MSR.

There is also the Steripen water purifier which we don't currently own but have hiked with people who have and we really like this system. My only hesitation is the weight and batteries. But we might include this as a backup system down the road.

And there are water purifier tablets which we do keep as our back up at the moment.

Make sure the water filter purifier you use is sturdy, reliable and able to filter out most viruses and bacteria. The cheapest isn't always the best way to go. A bit of research will really pay off.

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